Application Process Questions:

What is the application fee?
Does the $50 application fee cover anyone that applies with me?
No. The application is $50 for the first person (and/or couple (married, companion, partner, civil union, etc.)) whose rental history for the past 3 years was the same; and $25 per person for each additional application. We do require applications be filled out for any person over 18 years old wanting to reside in the unit. Married couples may complete only one application.
Can I supply my own credit report?
No. We will run our credit & background checks together after we have contacted your references and received employment verification.
Why do I need to give you my bank account number?
This is part of our verification process and a requirement of all applicants.
Why do I need to give you my social security number
We need your social security number to verify your identity, as well as to insure we obtain an accurate credit report and background check.
What if I have recently owned and/or own a home
We do not require 3 years rental history.
What if I do not have 3 years rental history?
Not every applicant has 3 years rental history – such is the case with individuals moving out from their parents’ home for the first time, have been in military housing, etc. These applications are reviewed on a case by case basis, often times a parent/guardian is required as a co-signer on the lease. An applicant might also not have 3 years rental history as they may have owned their home.
What if some of my rental references are relatives?
If some of your rental references are relatives, we will base your acceptance/denial on a combination of your other references and your credit check, background check, etc.
What if I (or anyone else applying with me) have ever been evicted?
When you turn in your application, if we see that you or any other applicants applying with you have been evicted, we will want to know the circumstances surrounding that eviction. At that point, we will decide if we want to continue on with processing your application or not. If we decide not to continue processing your application, your $50 application fee will be returned to you.
I/We have a bankruptcy or have just filed for bankruptcy – should we still apply?
Yes. Filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily disqualify you for tenancy. We will want to know the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy, and each case will be addressed individually.
I have terrible credit.
 We do not make our decisions based on credit alone. We also take into account your rental history and references. In some situations we may ask that you apply with a co-signer and/or an increased security deposit could be required.
Why do I have to pay the application fee in cash, cashier’s check or money order?
This is to ensure that the applicant does not put a stop payment or bounce a personal check after we have already started processing and/or completed the application process. Once a lease has been signed we will accept personal checks, but up until that point we require that all fees, deposits, and move-in costs be paid in cash, cashier’s check or money order.
What if I have a felony or a misdemeanor on my record?
Having a felony or misdemeanor on your record does not automatically disqualify you for tenancy. We will want to know the circumstances surrounding the charges, and from there each case will be addressed individually.
Other places I’ve checked out charge a pet fee – do you?
It is illegal in the state of Oregon to charge a pet fee, although we do charge a conditionally refundable pet deposit.
Are all your properties NOHA approved?
Do you accept NOHA?
Yes, at select properties.
I’m in a hurry to move-in – how long does the process take?
Our portion of the process can go very quickly. The part that slows us down is waiting to hear back from your rental references and employer for employment verification. If you want, you can contact your references in advance to let them know we’ll be calling, as this may speed up their response time.
I’m in a hurry to move in – Can I just do the cleaning myself or take it “as is”?
Why are your move-in costs so high?
Yes, in many cases they are higher than other rental companies and privately managed properties. However, we want to make sure our property owners are protected as best as possible should a tenant default on their lease; move without any notice; leave with unpaid charges; cause substantial damages, etc. Historically, when a tenant has a larger investment at stake – they think carefully before defaulting on their obligation. In some cases, the personal investment in deposits doesn’t matter – when that happens – we have reduced the owner’s loss by collecting deposits in advance.
I want to apply but can’t afford the move-in costs – are there any other options for me?
Before we can determine this – we must process your application as we will take into account a combination of your rental references, employment verification, credit and background checks. If this information is favorable, there are occasions whereas the Last Month’s Rent Deposit (LMRD) can be paid in three (3) monthly payments in addition to the rent payment.
Why do you require my/our gross income to be 3x the monthly rent?
We require that your household income be three times the monthly rent to ensure that after utilities and living expenses there is enough money left over to pay the rent each month. By requiring 3x the monthly rent, it gives our tenants the best possible odds of upholding their contractual obligations to pay their rent on time, in full by the first of each month, and still have money to live on.
The rent on property I am interested in is higher than I can afford – do you ever reduce the price?
There are occasions in which the monthly rent amount can be reduced. These requests are considered on a case by case basis.
The property I am interested in requires the tenant to maintain the landscaping…
What does that mean?
Our standard of yard care includes keeping the lawn trimmed to a reasonable height, keeping any planting beds free of weeds, and keeping the bushes and shrubs watered and trimmed. Tenants are also responsible for keeping all areas surrounding the property free of debris and rubbish.
What if I have a brown thumb and don’t have equipment?
If you do not have the equipment to maintain your own lawn, we can add the cost of lawn maintenance in your monthly rent. Since most yard work is not necessary October through April due to inclimate weather, we take the amount it would cost to have your yard maintained May through August, divide that amount by 12 months, and spread it out equally over the whole year. This way it has less of an impact on the monthly rent amount.
Are all your properties non-smoking? What are the rules?
We enforce a no smoking policy in all of our rental properties. Our rules are pretty clear “Absolutely no smoking inside any of our units”. We also require in our multi-family units (apt buildings, duplexes, tri-plexes, attached units of any number, etc.) that those who choose to smoke – do so a minimum of 20 feet away from any common area entrance and/or, open window out courtesy of fellow neighbors. Formal action will be taken on violators of this ruling.
What if I smoke inside even though the rule is NO Smoking?
If you choose to smoke inside your rental, we highly recommend you consider the consequences of doing so. The cost to restore the unit after you move out will exceed the amount of your deposit. The work it takes to restore a smoked-in unit can include but is not limited to, several coats of new paint and/or wall sealant, new carpet, new window treatments, replacement of switch plates, hours of deep cleaning at a minimum. We will, without hesitation pursue legal action; the last tenant paid around $6,000 as a result from smoking in the unit.
I have a medical marijuana card, so it’s okay for me to smoke it inside my rental unit – right?
Wrong. No smoking means NO SMOKING. You will need to find a location where smoking medical marijuana is legal. We do not and will not allow it inside any of our units. This is also unfair to other tenants who may smell it and find it offensive. No Smoking.

General Questions:

I want to look at one (or more) of your available rentals – what is the process?
Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, closed weekends and major holidays. We DO require that before we will accept an application – the applicant has viewed the unit first. 
  • We allow keys to be checked out between the hours of 9am and 4pm only.
  • There is a key check out form our office will fill out that you will need to sign. W also require a copy of one piece of photo ID and a contact phone number. ID must be current – i.e. not expired.
  • We require you to provide a $20.00 cash deposit to check out the key(s). You get this back when you return the keys.
  • Please do not bring a check, offer to leave your child, Nordstrom credit card, or wedding band with us to check out the keys because you did not come prepared with $20 cash – we only accept cash.
  • Depending upon the number and location of the properties you are viewing – we allot a specific time period in which the key(s) are to be returned, generally one (1) hour is sufficient.
  • We do not allow you to keep a key overnight or over the weekend.
If the property you are interested in is still occupied, we will need to setup an appointment with the tenant allowing us to show the unit to you. Generally a minimum of 24 hours advance notice is required by the tenant – however, in some cases the tenant will allow less than 24 hours’ notice.
How do I know my rental is safe & previous tenants don’t still have access?
To insure each of our tenant’s privacy and safety, all units are rekeyed right before a new tenant moves in. That way, only you and our office will have working keys to the rental property.
I am already a tenant with you – I would like to move to a different unit you manage – What do I need to do?
Contact our office to find out if we will allow/consider a move. There are a lot of factors we need to consider – are you in good standing with us? (i.e. rent paid on time? Any documented complaints? etc.) Will this move mean you will be breaking your existing lease? Are you moving within a complex or property with the same owner? If the rent is higher in the new unit – do you qualify? Next we will schedule a walk-through of your current rental property to insure you are taking care of it, there aren’t any damages, missing smoke or CO detectors, pet issues (if applicable), unreported repairs needed, etc. All this information is taken into account and a determination is made.
What if you receive complaints from the owner or neighbors about me, my guests, my roommates and/or pets?
Each situation is handled on a case by case basis as there are too many factors we must take into consideration and questions to ask. In a broad scope we will find out as much information as possible from the person(s) filing the complaint, we may drive by your rental property to see if we can additionally document the issue. Once we have as much information as possible we will contact you to alert you of the situation and see if we can come to an immediate satisfactory resolution. Depending upon the severity of the complaint, this initial contact may be considered a courtesy warning or a formal notice issued.
I’m going to be out of town for an extended period – should I let you know?
Item #11b in our lease states that “Tenant shall notify landlord of any anticipated absence from the premises in excess of seven (7) days, not later than the first day of absence.”
Can you just come into my rental?
Not without giving a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and a reason why we need to enter – i.e. to inspect, to show the property, etc. You can allow entry with less than 24 hours’ notice. There are some exceptions when 24 hours’ notice is not required – such as in the event of an emergency i.e. broken water pipe, fire or other problems that may cause serious damage if not dealt with immediately.
Why do you require me to have renter’s insurance?
It is a standard requirement on most rental agreements and is not only protection for the property owner but primarily for you. It is a very inexpensive way to protect your personal belongings from fire, theft, damage caused from storms, broken pipes that can cause water damage to your belongings as well as replace spoiled food in your refrigerator or freezer should the unit fail and/or power is out for extended periods of time.
I have an issue & want to speak to someone – what do I do?
Call our office (503-325-5678) and give the receptionist as much information as possible, it might be that they can help and if not they can direct it to the appropriate person who can.
How can I contact your office?
Listed below are many different ways to get in touch with our office:
Phone: (503) 325-5678 Toll Free: (866) 325-5678 Fax: (503) 325-4844
Email: Astoria@WindermereProperty.com Website: www.WindermereProperty.com
Office: 175 14th St., Suite 120 / Astoria, OR 97103
Office Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday


When I moved in I was approved for a cat (or dog, etc.), it died, ran away (or??) can I just get a new one?
Unfortunately, when we approve you for a pet, it is for that pet, and that pet only. If, for whatever reason, that pet no longer resides at the residence, you will need to get approval from us to introduce another pet into the unit.
I live in a pet friendly rental, I want to obtain additional pets, is that okay since its already pet friendly?
No. You will FIRST need to seek approval from Windermere Property Management before you introduce any additional pets to your unit, an additional pet deposit might be required.
What if I sneak in a pet?
How lucky do you feel? We may not catch it right away – but ultimately you will be found out. There are many variables in these situations – but the worst for everyone is that the pet must go or you do. It’s not fair to kids that have become attached to a pet that the parents/guardians did not follow the correct path in bringing the pet into the rental property. Refer to items #36 & #37 for the proper protocol on pets.
Why does my dog have to be licensed?
As part of our lease, our tenants agree to abide by all city, state and federal laws. Dog licensing is a city mandate and therefore we require our tenants to abide by the law. In addition, if one of our staff has to enter your unit for a maintenance issue and your pet(s) scratch, bite or otherwise caused harm – we do not need to be concerned with rabies as rabies shots are required with licensing.


What do I do if I discover mold? When is it my fault?
Mold doesn’t just occur overnight – it is your responsibility to take all preventative measures to reduce the potential for mold to form. If you begin to notice areas where mold is growing – it could be that it is directly related to something you may or may not be doing. For example – if you close off rooms and do not provide heat or airflow – you can be creating an environment for mold to grow. If you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom and it doesn’t work, is dirty or you just don’t use it – you can be creating a mold issue. Toilet tanks tend to sweat and it is difficult to prevent this – the water temperature and room temperature are never the same which causes tanks to sweat, this can cause mold to appear. Keeping good ventilation in your rental property is very important, maintaining a consistent temperature is also important, keeping rooms closed up, blinds or drapes closed all the time can also be an invitation for mold. Clean it with a bleach solution. If you have aluminum frame windows – you will need to clean them more often. If cleaning with bleach and eliminating probable sources that allow mold to form are not working – contact our office so that we can come inspect for possible other issues that are causing the mold condition. If not monitored – mold can become a costly repair not to mention it is bad for your health.
If I have a maintenance problem, do I get charged for the repair?
If the maintenance problem falls into the “normal wear and tear” category then any work will be billed to the landlord. If the maintenance or damage is tenant caused, then most likely you, as the tenant, will be billed for the issue. Example: Tenant calls and reports the toilet is plugged and efforts to correct it with a household plunger didn’t work. We will contact our plumber and they will come fix the issue. If they pull “Sponge Bob Square Pants” out of the line (true story) this will be a tenant expense as their child tried sending Sponge Bob back to the ocean via the toilet! If however, it is clogged due to tree roots (for example) growing into the line – that becomes a landlord covered expense.
What if I call a repairman on my own?
The short answer is DO NOT call a repairman on your own; report the issue to our office and we will determine who to send to address the problem. We have a select list of vendors that we work with; equally there is a list of vendors we will not work with. If you choose to call a repairman on your own, Windermere Property Management cannot guarantee the quality of the work, nor will they pay for unauthorized work a tenant facilitated and the tenant will be held responsible for payment. If the work done by the tenants vendor causes any damage or substandard work was done, the tenant will then be charged for an authorized vendor on our list to fix it properly. It is very easy to avoid this expense and situation by always contacting our office to report maintenance issues – we will contact the appropriate vendor(s) to correct the issue.
I’ve submitted a work order item – can you come in without me present? Can I require that I or an appointed person be present?
When you call us to submit a maintenance request, we will ask you several questions to gather as much information as possible regarding what maintenance is needed. In addition, we will ask you whether we and/or our vendors have an “ok to enter.” If you say yes, we will proceed with scheduling the maintenance, and we will enter your property to take care of the issue as quickly as possible. If you tell us “No,” then we will do our best to accommodate a time that works for you to be home – during our operating hours of M-F, 8am – 5pm. However, requiring us to wait until you are present does delay the maintenance getting done. Oregon law provides that the landlord generally has a seven-day period to make the repairs without giving you any advance notice. After seven days, unless your landlord is still reasonably working on the repair, your landlord must give 24 hours’ advance notice before coming into your home to make the repair.

Rent Payments:

Your policy is that rent is due on the 1st and late after the 5th – I don’t get paid until the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. Can I pay my rent then?
No. Rent is due in full on the 1st and late after the 5th. You may pay your rent on or before the 5th – there are no exceptions.
I am in the Coast Guard (or???) and I am out of town for weeks & months at a time – how can I get my rent paid?
We have a large number of tenants who are in the Coast Guard as well as other military personnel. We usually recommend that checks are post-dated, written in advance and dropped off at our office before going underway. The other option is to set up bill-pay with your bank, where they automatically send us a check every month for the amount of your rent.
Can I pay my rent with a debit/credit card?
We do not accept payment by debit or credit cards at this time. Rent may be paid in the form of cash, cashier’s check, personal check, or money order.
What is your rent payment policy?
Your rent will be due on the 1st of each month. It is considered late after the 5th. If you mail in your rent, it must be received in our office on or by the 5th. We are closed on weekends and national holidays. If the 5th lands on one of these days, and you come in the next business day, a late fee in the amount specified in your lease will be imposed.
Why don’t you have an after hours’ lock box?
We choose not to have an after hour’s drop box because of our glass front office. It would not be a safe & secure location for our tenants or us. Instead, we allow our tenants a five day grace period to bring their rent into our office during office hours. Rent can be paid by check, cashier’s check or money order and mailed to our office. Please note: It is a violation of the Oregon Landlord/Tenant law for a tenant and/or landlord to send any correspondence (check, letter, etc.) in any form other than first class mail. If we receive anything from a tenant that requires a signature – it will be refused and returned to the tenant. If the piece of mail refused was a rent check and by refusing it causes the rent to be late – a late fee will be imposed.
I pay my rent in cash – can I just slip it under your door if I can’t get to the office before the 5th @ 5pm?
No. Please never slip anything under any of our doors! Or in the Windermere Pacific Land Company drop box. It is very important for you to receive a receipt for any cash transactions that take place. We are required by law to provide you with a receipt for any cash accepted. Not only should you get a copy certifying that you did indeed pay the amount on the receipt, but it gives us a record of the transaction as well. Also, do not ever try putting a check under the door! This has happened many times and when the door is opened the wind catches it and the check falls through the deck boards – which is over the water. Your check might not even be seen; and if it is – we don’t even have the chance to see who the check was from; this generally results in a late fee as your rent was never received.
What will happen if I drop my rent payment info into the Windermere Pacific Land Company mail/drop box on the wall adjacent to your office?
First of all – although they share the same office space Windermere Pacific Land Company is a totally separate company from Windermere Property Management, Inc. You wouldn’t put your Wells Fargo Bank loan payment into Betsy’s Boutique mail box because they’re in the same building – would you? Of course not! The reason that we emphasize the importance of NOT using the WINDERMERE/PACIFIC LAND COMPANY drop box is that any and all Windermere Agents from the area have access to that box, therefore it is not meant to be a secure spot for tenants to put their rent money. If you do deposit a cashier’s check, money order or personal check into that box, it will be returned to you, and a late fee will be applied to your account if we do not receive your rent in our office by 5pm on the 5th of the month. If you deposit cash into the WINDERMERE/PACIFIC LAND COMPANY Windermere Pacific Land Company mail/drop box, which we need to remind you is NOT a secure receptacle and has been vandalized in the past, we will require that you come down to our office, and open the envelope to count the money in front of us, so that we can write you a receipt.
What if I can’t pay my full rent?
On some occasions, when a tenant is undergoing an unusual unexpected financial hardship, a Partial Payment Agreement might be an option. If approved, a Partial Payment Agreement allows a tenant to pay a portion of their rent right away, and pay the balance at a later date as long as it falls within the same calendar month. It should be noted that you will still receive a 72 Hour Notice so that in the event you do not fulfill your commitment to pay the balance by X date – the eviction process can still be executed.
When paying my rent, who do I make my personal check, cashier’s check or money order out to & where do I mail it?
Made out to: Windermere Property Management, Inc.
Mail to: 175 14th Street, Suite 120, Astoria, OR 97103
Can my mom (or friend, or boss, etc.) pay my rent for me?
If rent is being paid in cash, a friend/relative can come in and pay the rent, as long as you let us know. We will need to fill out the receipt in the tenant’s name. If a friend drops off your personal check, that is okay. However we CANNOT accept a personal check from someone whose name is NOT on the lease.
What if my rent check bounces?
While we frown on bounced checks – it does happen from time to time. At minimum you will need to make the check good right away and you will be responsible for the current ‘returned check fee’ as stated in your rental agreement. If the funds are not paid/covered before the 5th of the month by 5pm – you will be assessed a late fee. If you bounce a check a second time – all of the above applies and we will generally require that you pay by cash, cashier’s check or money order from that point forward.
What if I have roommates & we all pay our rent separately – If I pay my rent on time but my two roommates pay late – am I still responsible for the late fee?
Every person who is named on the lease is ultimately responsible for any late fees and/or unpaid charges. It is up to you and your roommates to figure it out amongst yourselves who pays. Generally we have found that the roommates that were late take care of the late fee. However, it is important to remember that everyone on the lease is affected by the actions of each other. This is especially true when you need to use us as a reference in the future should you apply elsewhere (i.e. late payments, NSF checks, damages, complaints and so on).
If I pay cash for my rent & I don’t have exact change but have more than the amount required – what happens?
We do not keep cash on site to make change; therefore, any money paid that exceeds what is owed will be applied as a credit to your account.
Can I pay more than my rent each month to get ahead?
Yes. We have many tenants that do this and find it comes in very handy when unexpected expenses/repairs come up. We do not give the overpayment back to the tenant but it helps to be able to apply those credits towards that month’s rent when the unexpected comes up.
When do I need a rent receipt?
Anytime you pay cash for anything at our office we are legally obligated to provide you with a receipt. This is not only the law but for your own safety and for the safety of our employees. Now, your check can serve as your receipt; however, anytime you would like a receipt please let us know and we would be happy to give one to you.

Roommate(s) & Approved Occupant(s):

I am already a tenant with you and I want to add a roommate(s) (i.e. partner, spouse, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.) What do I need to do?
The first step is to contact our office to find out if additional people can and will be considered. Then, your potential roommate will need to come down to our office, fill out an application and pay a $50 application fee (fee subject to change depending upon number of roommates applying). If approved, the roommate shall be added to the lease as an Approved Occupant, and the lease updated to reflect this change.
What if I move someone/others into the rental property without getting approval?
Not a good idea and most certainly not recommended! Refer to item # 59 above, if you do not follow this process – you run the risk of receiving an eviction notice for an unauthorized occupant. If you would like more information or wish to move forward on seeing if adding someone will be okay – please contact our office 503-325-5678.
There is more than one person on the lease at the property we rent from you…
What happens if one or more of the people want to move out and others want to stay?
There are a lot of variables when this situation arises – so this answer is based on a simple scenario. We require a 30 Day Written Notice from the tenants planning to move out; you can print off the 30 Day Notice from our website at: www.windermereproperty.com. Fill it out and mail, email or personally deliver the 30 Day Notice to our office.
The initial question will be – “do the remaining tenant(s) income still qualify without the income of those moving out?”
  • If they do qualify: and it is inside a lease period (vs. month-to-month) all original tenants on the lease will still be responsible to the terms of the lease regardless of whether or not they are still living there. However, if it is a month-to month tenancy – then the question becomes “do those moving out want to be released from any further responsibility of the lease?” If so, a new lease will be generated for those remaining. (see below in reference to how deposits are handled)
  • If they do not qualify on their own: they will either need to find roommate(s) whose income makes up the shortfall, find a co-signer or possibly move to a less expensive rental – providing the move would not mean breaking a lease. If adding roommate(s) is an option – refer to item #59 for instructions.
The individuals moving out want their share of the deposits back – how does that work?
Tenants moving out want ‘their share’ of the deposits back: We will not break out deposits during tenancy. If a departing roommate wants their share, this needs to be worked out amongst the roommates. The standard solution is for the remaining tenant(s) to pay those departing their share of the deposits. When this happens, we require those departing to sign a document stating that they are releasing any/all interest in the deposits to the remaining tenants. Please note: When the time comes to move and if after completing our final accounting there are monies owed to the tenant(s) – one refund check will be made out to all individuals whose names are on the lease. If the tenants who previously moved out released their interest in the deposits (i.e. signed document on file) – their names will not appear on the refund check.